The CPT “CESAR” (Clean Energy Separation And Recovery) system consists of a sophisticated heat exchanging device that fits into a stream of high temperature gas, such as an engine exhaust pipe. The system converts water to superheated steam which is fed through electronic and mechanical control devices to power a compact steam engine, which in turn powers an electrical generator. The steam engine exhausts into a condenser which returns condensed water thus completing a ‘closed loop’ operation.

The technology is unique. Whilst other alternative technologies replace or displace fossil fuels, the CESAR system uses waste heat energy to produce electricity, which is used in an effective manner to obtain better fuel efficiency and a significant reduction in emissions – true ‘clean energy’.





Unique Performance Characteristics:


  1. Generates electricity without the need of additional fuel or resource. The only system input is exhaust heat energy that would otherwise be wasted.
  2. Designed to operate on the exhaust of engines in the power range 200 to 2000 KW
  3. Designed to operate automatically, whenever the main engine is running, and can operate continuously
  4. Achieves a substantial 8% efficiency gain virtually impossible to achieve with other currently known engine development technologies
  5. Can also be applied to generate electrical power from any stream of sufficiently high temperature gas, such as an industrial furnace, biomass burner or oil/gas flare
  6. Cost effective and can provide payback within a reasonable period
  7. No precious metals or limited commodities are used in the manufacture or operation of the system.
  8. Tangibly reduces global warming by halving the heat dissipated to the atmosphere from an exhaust stream, and increasing fossil fuel efficiency with a reduction in C02 taxation levels.
  9. Requires no special maintenance operations, only routine maintenance which can be performed at the same time as maintenance on the main engine
  10. A failure occurring within the CESAR system would not affect the operation of the main engine
Being on the road is a big part of my day to day routine running a busy window cleaning business. I am consciously aware of my energy consumption footprint and opted to go green to demonstrate the potential for all trades persons who are considering the move to the CESAR principal.

The refurbishment of my vehicle was highly efficient and has improved my day to day fuel consumption bringing ongoing savings and a greener future.

Peter Jones
Splash and Sparkle Window Cleaning – High Wycombe